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Economic Outlook Macro-economic forecasts and insights
Real-time analysis of data releases and copious Indicator data
20 Oct 2017 11:06 AM, Tidings
Furniture, plastic pipes, electrical switches may attract 18% or 12% tax
20 Oct 2017 12:02 PM, Tidings
Barely 1% of people received refunds
20 Oct 2017 04:40 PM, Tidings
To ensure benefits of GST reduction are passed on to the consumers
20 Oct 2017 03:27 PM, Tidings
To provide a clear picture of employment situation
20 Oct 2017 10:01 AM, Tidings
MPC member, Ravindra Dholakia pitches for rate cut
06 Oct 2017 06:17 PM, Insights
Fourth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement
20 Oct 2017 02:44 PM, Tidings
Cos could claim refund of KKC against service tax paid earlier
20 Oct 2017 03:07 PM, Tidings
To ensure faster implementation of Bharatmala programme
20 Oct 2017 11:28 AM, Tidings
Dollar purchases touch 1.8% of GDP in 12 months
20 Oct 2017 10:11 AM, Tidings
ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank were down 1-2%
04 Oct 2017 07:02 PM, Insights
Projects worth Rs.4 trillion likely to get commissioned in FY18

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The Economic Outlook provides CMIE's view on the Indian economy. It interprets new data releases continuously; provides insights by unravelling details and weaves an updated and integrated picture of the economy.

Economic Outlook provides forecasts on growth, inflation, fiscal balance, balance of payments, corporate earnings and a host of sectoral indicators. It provides its analytical view explaining these forecasts.

Economic Outlook is backed by a huge depository of historical and continuously updated data. This database is available to all subscribers of the service. The service provides thousands of tabulations and charts. It also provides images of hundreds of original documents.

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