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India Economic Outlook: A mobile App to access information anytime anywhere

Each subscription to Economic Outlook comes with a free access to a specially developed mobile App - India Economic Outlook. The App presents an analytical view of the Indian economy with the help of incisive essays, succinct tabulations and explicit charts. It covers every major topic of the Indian economy with an emphasis on the fast frequency type of indicators. The comprehensive range of topics the App covers include growth, employment, agriculture, inflation, banking, interest rates, monetary policy, fiscal operations, external sector, corporate sector, capital markets, capex, demographics, infrastructure, elections, crime, health, tourism, and more.

The App is an extension of the Economic Outlook service. The analysis, charts and tabulations on the App are updated almost simultaneously as they become available on the Economic Outlook website.

The App does not provide access to the full database of Economic Outlook. The objective of the App is to help professionals be always abreast of the current trends in the Indian economy even when they are travelling or are in meetings. The App aims to become our subscriber's handy source of reliable information anytime anywhere.

The end-of-day newsletter `Indian Economy Today' is also available in the App.

A subscription to Economic Outlook also gives the subscriber the privilege to gift free access to the mobile App to five other individuals of her/his choice. There are no restrictions on who the subscriber gifts the App to - it can be a colleague, family or friend. All the content on the App would be freely available to the person the subscriber gifts the App to. The recipients of the gift App from the subscriber need to register their email-id and other very elementary information with CMIE to gain access to the App. The subscriber's and the gift recipient's access to the App will work during the period of subscriber's subscription period to Economic Outlook. The subscriber keeps the right to change the recipients anytime.

Neither the subscriber's usage of the App nor the usage of the five individuals she/he gifts it to will lead to consumption of any of the hits that the Economic Outlook subscriber is entitled to as a part of her/his subscription to the service.

Indian Economic Outlook App