Banking and Financial Markets

Credit officers, credit risk managers of commercial banks and NBFCs gain from the incisive analysis of the Indian corporate sector in Economic Outlook. The focus is on the health of Indian companies, their appetite for expansion, their ability to leverage and service debts. This is the best and the only of its kind analysis based on the performance of over 20,000 companies of all sizes and activities. Discussions regarding interest rates, overall credit growth and its sectoral break-up and commodity prices are also relevant to credit officers. Senior credit officers gain from the exceptional macro- economic analysis as well.

Treasury operations of commercial banks, NBFCs and also of large corporate houses gain from Economic Outlook's commentaries and fast-frequency data. The service regularly comments on interest rates, exchange rates, inflation and commodity prices in the context of the macro-economic trends of the Indian economy. It delivers the best fast-frequency data - over 700,000 indicators to ensure you miss nothing in tracking the markets.

Economists with banks and in the financial markets gain access to the largest collection of data on the Indian economy including fast-frequency data in Economic Outlook. The data is updated in near real time. Excel plug-in and plain txt file download improve work-flow efficiencies. Also, access to original official documents, daily news round-up and CMIE's independent analysis are added advantages of the service.

Research Analysts in financial markets bank upon Economic Outlook to deliver all the fast-frequency indicators with longest possible time series necessary for them to work their models. Economic Outlook offers the best combination of reliable data, necessary insights based on the data and exceptional analysis about the business and economic environment in India.

Economic Outlook collates data from over 100 official sources including Reserve Bank of India, central government ministries, regulators, data intermediaries in the financial markets and industry associations. This is a great consolidation. Besides, and more importantly, Economic Outlook draws upon CMIE's proprietary databases like Prowess, CapEx and Consumer Pyramids Household Survey to deliver unique insightful data series.

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