CMIE's view on the Indian economy and its analysis aim to help the CEO. Our objective is to deliver to the CEO short, precise, jargon-free, clear explanation of what is happening in the Indian economy and where is the economy likely to head.

The analysis avoids policy prescriptions or propagating a particular economic philosophy. The analysis has a task to accomplish - to help business persons understand the economic conditions in India with a view to steering their business. This is done by quickly interpreting the release of fast- frequency data as they get released, by reviewing data releases every month, and by discussing the possibly future trends of the Indian economy.

The Economic Outlook also equips the CEO's office with copious data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a valid subscription. This access is a powerful tool to assist the CEO's need for reliable information.

The CFO is often considered a second CEO because at the top, besides the CEO it is the CFO who has the keenest eye on profits and profitability of the company as a whole. The CFO though often has a different perspective on the business compared to that of the CEO. Access to Economic

Outlook can help the CFO in forming a more informed view on the economic environment to guide her judgments on the business and its prospects. The Economic Outlook service brings in a critical dimension of economics into the world of finance, or even compliance and law. From the point of view of the business this is a very important dimension. Economic Outlook fills this gap.

An appreciation of the economic environment has a different meaning to the Chief Marketing Officer, Chief of Consumer Market Insights or Chief Sales Officer. Economic Outlook's specific interest in consumer sentiments or factors impacting consumption expenses of households could make a material difference in the decision making of these officers and their teams.

CXOs in companies in the capital goods space would benefit from Economic Outlook's focused attention to investments. Regular commentaries on the behaviour of firms, governments and foreign agencies with respect to investments provide a guiding light in anticipating the direction of business.

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