Education and Research

Economic Outlook is indispensable for educational institutions and research institutions. It is equally useful for students, faculty, librarians and scholars. Each benefits differently.

Students at the undergraduate level benefit by getting an invaluable continuous exposure to the organisation of economic data, their simple transformations and their interpretations. An early exposure to reliable data on the Indian economy would go a long way in building the right foundations for a career.

Graduate and post-graduate students would benefit in quickly accessing and deploying parts of the over 3.2 million time-series data available in Economic Outlook. This massive store-house of data maintained and updated by CMIE is built from scores of reliable sources. This includes the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Reserve Bank of India, SEBI, other ministries and regulators, industry associations and other reliable sources. The database is sourced from a hundred credible sources.

The database includes some unique series generated from CMIE's famous databases - Prowess, CapEx and Consumer Pyramids Household Service. These series fill in gaps in the official statistical system and therefore are a great supplement to the official data.

Librarians and other users can find in the Economic Outlook a huge repository of official documents. Many of these are the official sources of the data. Others are just important documents that a teaching institute would like to maintain, such as the Economic Survey or the Monetary Policy Report. Economic Outlook offers all old issues of such documents and continues to build the repository. Users can have access to the entire library at their convenience and without inconveniencing anyone.

Researchers find Economic Outlook to be an indispensable companion to access long time-series data, ready transformations, easy download facilities and access to original sources.

Economic Outlook is the most cost-effective solution for any educational institution to gain access to millions of time-series data that is regularly updated and also source documents. The analysis provided by CMIE is the icing on the proverbial cake.

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