Government and Media


Senior government officials of the ranks of Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary and Directors would benefit directly from the narrative on the Indian economy available in the Economic Outlook service.

Much of the narrative is set by the media today - print, electronic Often this is full of aggressive posturing to score points rather than to illuminate on important subjects. These debates have their merits even as they can get acrimonious.

Economic Outlook aims to provide a narrative without getting into debates. The narrative is based solidly on hard data. Economic Outlook does not pass judgements, it does not advocate a particular policy stance or a particular economic philosophy. Economic Outlook provides data and a narrative based essentially on the data.

The simple jargon-free analysis it delivers is suited for the busy senior bureaucrats in the government. The analysis is delivered in short 900-word essays and not in the form of voluminous reports.

The millions of time-series available in Economic Outlook can be enormously useful to the economic analysis wings within many ministries to source data for their regular work in preparing background notes, answer questions, make reports, etc. This can improve efficiency and turnaround time in operations.


Economic Outlook has so much data that media persons can easily churn out regular stories for their publications.

Media persons often create stories based on the release of fast frequency data. Economic Outlook can support this by providing the background data on such releases. The availability of long time- series can be useful in creating graphics or even quick analysis.

The entire CMIE narrative available in Economic Outlook is essentially based on data available in Economic Outlook. The essays are also an attempt to make sense of the enormous data delivered by Economic Outlook. Users of the service get this data with the same speed as is available to analysts within CMIE. Journalists and data journalists in particular generate regular stories from the data available in the service.

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